16 Jul-1 Oct (Weekly on Sat)

6.30-9.30pm (Starts with dinner at L1 Fellowship Hall)


16 Jul (Sat) - Who is Jesus?

23 Jul (Sat) - Why did He die?

30 Jul (Sat) - How can I be sure of my faith?

6 Aug (Sat) - Why & How should I read the Bible?

13 Aug (Sat) - Why & How should I pray?

20 Aug (Sat) - How does God guide us?

26 Aug (Fri) - How can I resist evil? 

3 Sep (Sat) - Alpha Day Away

                     Who is the Holy Spirit?

                     What does the Holy Spirit do?

                     How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

10 Sep (Sat) - Does God heal today?

17 Sep (Sat) - What about the Church?

1 Oct (Sat) - Alpha Celebration

                   How can I make the most of the rest of my life?